Friday, April 19, 2013

Vanity will get you every time

On Wednesday night I put some eye cream around my eyes because I am getting old :)

Sad thing is my skin had an allergic reaction and the skin around my eyes puffed up. It wasn't super noticeable, I just looked a little tired, except when I smiled. THEN the skin in between the wrinkles I was trying to less was extra puffy which made the wrinkles even deeper.

I couldn't do anything except laugh at myself and try my best not to scratch my itchy eyes. 

That's what I get for being vain.

I will just embrace my laugh lines from now on.


April Weeks said...

You still are very young. I didn't notice the aging until I turned 50 and then the eyes go and the arm skin sags.
I don't believe "creams" work as far as wrinkles go but that lash stuff has been amazing.

Kade and Katie said...

oh that made me laugh!! i totally have tried to be better about taking my makeup off at night. i was using an under eye cream and i would sit and "cry" in bed everynight after applying it. it was burning my eyes so bad! oh the things we do right??