Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lunch and Burps

Meghan and I took my mom out to lunch for her 55th birthday which was on Monday.

We ended up talking a lot about babies. Which is an ironic lunch topic for a 55 year old's birthday.

Mom is very, VERY good at helping me out in a jam. She loves to help in any way she can and I always find I am short on the right words to tell her just how much it makes a big difference in my life. I know she would love to just hang out and talk with me, and that time is quickly approaching, but more often I need her to watch children so I can streamline my life.

The kids always feel like they have hit the jack pot when I tell them Nana is coming. They usually ask me to leave.

Thank you Mom! I hope you felt as loved as you are on your birthday.

Changing topics all together, I've been fighting a bug for the last few days. It finally caught up with me about 4 o'clock. I put Karaia in charge, texted Kevin that I was clocking out, and then crawled into bed.

Kevin had a few outside chores he needed to get done when he got home. He took the kids out with him until it was bed time and then he brought in the youngest two. Sanders was distraught because everyone else got to mow the lawn a little, but Kevin, wisely, reminded him that he is only 4. We worked out a solution for Sanders to mow, with MUCH assistance and for a very short time.

When Kevin brought him in again, Sanders took of his shoe and shook the bottom of it in my face saying, "Look! They aren't green! I didn't mow for a long enough time!"


I helped him get his jammas on, read him a book, tucked him in and then crawled back in bed. 5 minutes later he came to the side of my bed and said, "I'm sick too. I keep burping (proceeding to make himself burp) and that means I'm sick."

"You're not sick. Get back to bed."

"I am sick. (burp) See?!"

"Well, then the best thing to do is to get to bed."

"GUYS! (yelling to his siblings in the other room) Nobody can get near me because I am sick."

"Mom, tomorrow you need to give me toast. We always get toast when we are sick. "

"Sanders, burping doesn't mean your sick.

" But when I drink it gets stuck in my throat and makes me burp. That means I'm sick. "

"Go to bed."

"Don't forget the toast tomorrow."


"(burp. Burp. Burp) I need toast because I am sick. I'm going to be sick forever. So that means I need toast."

"TO. BED."


Thankfully, Kevin came in at this point. 4 year olds who belong to stubborn moms are just so....stubborn ;)

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