Sunday, April 21, 2013


Today my little family and I were on time to church! That is a huge cause for celebration because 9:00am church has been I gigantic hurtle. Until today we had never been on time. Hooray!

We also had our first family store tonight that goes along with our new chore chart. The kids had a choice of turning in some of their tickets for items in the store or holding on to them to save up for bigger ticket items.

Karaia and Beckham chose to hold on to them. Tennyson also chose not to spend any tickets, but then cried for a half an hour about not getting anything today and how unfair it was that nobody would combine tickets with him so he could get the big ticket item right away. He is our immediate gratification kid. It was a huge, although painful, step in the right direction for him. I'm very proud of him.

Sanders went in knowing he was going to come out with something. He bought a butterfly net, but then about 20 minutes later came and asked to switch it to something different. I'm not sure the reason behind the switch, but he chose a flashlight and a lollipop and got a one ticket back.

I reminded the kids they could ask to earn tickets when they are on level two. We will see if that motivates some entrepreneurs this week.

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April Weeks said...

It seems to be going well. That is great!