Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I am choosing to focus on the drops of awesome today.

Even though I was late and  un-showered for two days (don't judge),I made it to the school to volunteer in Beckham's class.

Drop. of. awesome.

Had dinner ready for my family and my friend's family.


Folded Tennyson's laundry and didn't hate all the seconds I was doing it.


Took both little boys to the grocery store and didn't once feel like leaving them there.


I actually enjoyed their company at the grocery store.

Two Drops.

Let Beckham face his own consequences and realized they don't necessarily reflect on me without feeling controlling about his choices.

TEN  Drops of awesome!

Arrived at the baseball game late because of said choices, and didn't even feel one bit bad. His choices. His game. He's old enough for me not to be in control of those things.


Blogging early.


You (All 16 of you---Hi family!) may have noticed I've missed a few posts recently.  I'm trying really hard to let go of the unneeded stress in my life. If writing felt more stressful than necessary I gave myself permission to let it go without guilt.

It's been very freeing.


Lawson Family said...

Hey... you said you had to get off with phone with me to shower that day and then it didn't happen?? :0)

You are awesome, one drop at at time!

April Weeks said...

This makes a mother's heart rejoice! Sounds like when you give up control you embrace peace. Nicely done with all those drops of awesome!

Ellis said...

DROP DROP DROP!! You have helped me SO MUCH this week THANK YOU for being such a wonderful friend you have filled my drop bucket as well as your own this week!!

The fabric really is amazing you can do it! Just make the changes that must happen and then tackle the others one at a time and see what you can get done. Another Dream a REALITY embrace it!