Sunday, January 30, 2011

Looking HARD for the silver lining

Church was H.A.R.D today.

Well, sacrament meeting anyway. The first two kid free hours were fine and educational.

Our meeting schedule has changed from starting at 9:00 am  to starting at 11:00am. While this is very conducive to a bit more shut eye it is quite the challenge when you throw little ones into the mix that still require some shut eye between the times of 12:00 and 2.

Instead of cranky, Sanders becomes LOUD and full of energy. It is equally as difficult to manage as a cranky child.

Today was especially “special” because Kevin was playing the organ which left me, the lone parent, to corral four children into a semi reverent state. You would think that the 8 year old would be helpful and accommodating, but no, she was tired and therefore extra resistant to the gentle reminders which quickly became not so gentle.

The six year old was actually the best behaved…not something that happens much for him during sacrament meeting…because there was the promise of a new work book to occupy him if he remained seated and reverent until after the sacrament.

The three year old was just as tired as the one year old. When that happens his ears close off and he no longer can hear any words you say that don’t allow him to do just as he pleases.

Meanwhile the one year old is yelling as loud as he can that he can see Dad at the organ and how RUDE of me not to let him go visit him. Not to mention how completely unfair it is that I won’t let him got bench hoping and play with the toys everyone has. And he very much does NOT want any of the snacks that are available...however he does see some in our neighbors hands that are the only thing in this world that will please him.

As if that whole scenario was not enough all the talks today where on parenting. 

I'm sure most of the ward was thinking, "Lady, if you would get your children to be quiet, you might actually hear some advice that will help you parent your children so they will behave."

Guess who heard about 3 words…….


I was nearly in tears by the end of the meeting. It's one thing to go to church and not hear the messages because of your children. It quite another to go to church and not hear the messages because of your children and KNOW that if you had heard them then maybe you wouldn't be having these problems in the first place.
But what's done is done and I have to believe that most people know that I don't let my children get away with inappropriate behavior but sometimes things are just beyond my control.

SO, the rest of this post will be dedicated to pictures that remind me that most of the time having kids brings so much joy and laughter into my life. And most of the time I don’t feel like running away and finding the nearest 3 week cruise. 

See....he is cute...most of the time

The favorite spot to sit while playing the Wii

This is the picnic table my step-dad Dave made. We LOVE it. If fold up flat and is perfect in every way.


Sabina said...

I think you are doing great as a parent Emilie. Hang in there. Tomorrow will be a new day! Hopefully it will not start before 7am!

Chrissy said...

Oh Em, I feel your pain. But I bet that most of the people were thinking, "That poor lady. I remember when my kids were that age..." That or they were too busy wrangling their own children to notice what yours were doing. :) I personally feel that church with small children is part of the whole "enduring all things" and is going to get me extra points in heaven. At least it better...

April Weeks said...

You are much too hard on yourself.

Ellis said...

I am feeling the EXACT same way lately. We even ended up leaving half way through stake conference a few weeks ago because I just couldn't handle it one more min. I agree...endure to the end must be a direct reference to enduring sacrament meeting with small children! I love how you finished your post with happy photos! I think photos and the memories they bring are the PERFECT way to heal your tired soul and emotions. Love Ya and glad to hear I'm not alone;)

mae said...

i'm glad i'm not the only one who has those weeks:) you are not alone!

hopefully kevin won't have to play the organ next week...

admin said...


Anonymous said...

I hear ya. A friend once told me that he doesn't come to church with young kids for himself really. He comes to teach his kids that that is what we do on Sunday and establish habits for them. I hold onto that thought week after week as I wrangle my kids. Bit by bit I'm gaining hope that my efforts are doing some good and eventually Sacrament meeting will be peaceful for me again. . .and everyone around us. Hang in there--I'm sure most people are too busy keeping things quiet on their bench to notice yours and if they are noticing, they should jump into help you! I've vowed to be sympathetic to Sacrament meeting widows someday when I'm in a better position to help.