Monday, January 24, 2011


I've decided that one day a week, maybe even every Monday, I will dedicate the blog to the things I am grateful for.

I am grateful for my children. Never has there been any group of people that have caused me such growth, frustration, love, and learning in all my life. They always love me despite my fledgling skills as a mother and the multiple mistakes I make during the day. I am always pondering and praying and thinking and planning ways to improve my skills and improve their growth and potential. I find myself often reflecting on how my Father in Heaven must feel if this is how I, a mortal, feel about my own children.

They draw me closer to who I want to become and at the end of the day I am better because I have been in their presence....well, some days it more like I'm left with a resolve to be better when I am in their presence (you know the days I'm talking about). They are not perfect and neither am I. I like that we know this about each other. I doubt any truly honest mother will say she or her children are perfect. There is always room for growth. And because of my children, the desire to grow and change and to become more and better is always there.

I am grateful for their love and patience and delight with life.

I am grateful I am a mom.

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Chrissy said...

Thank you for this reminder. I feel like lately I spend most day contemplating the fact that I understand why some animals eat their young...

I want to be quicker to be grateful for moments that are helping me grow, instead of wanting to lock myself in the bathroom and scream into a towel.