Monday, January 17, 2011

A few random posts....but with picutres!

 Awwww Sanders is my little buddy.
 He is the FIRST one to clean up any liquid on the floor.

 He's slightly obsessive about it.
 He also is been known to be talked into doing some odd jobs around the house......
 Like pushing the new diaper box into his room.
 Even if he isn't super happy about it.
 So, I mentioned that Christmas came again yesterday. These little beauties are what Kevin asked for. (OH, not the new black dishwasher. But doesn't it look nice?)
 I'm talking about the gorgeous white dishes.


I love them.
 We have been looking for months for plain white dishes that had bowls that were actually bowls and not merely plates with curved edges. Kevin is all about asking for practical things for Christmas this year and this fit perfectly.

 Speaking of Christmas. Do you see those cute things on my kids arms? They are leg/arm warmers from their Aunt Danica. SO cute. We have loved them!

Danica has a cute Etsy shop and she sells them here.

 Sanders REALLY wanted in on the picture.

 One more thing about yesterday. (I know I promised more about the exercise, but I'm not in the mood tonight)

Sander's is prone to getting a diaper rash. It is very odd because he almost always tells us immediately when he has pooped. And yet his little bum is very often very sore. Last night was no exception and probably one of the more sever cases. He was crying and screaming because it hurt so bad to wipe him.

Kevin looked in his mom's cabinets for something to sooth the pain. He handed me two tubs. One said, "Pain relief" and the other was neosporin. He said, "There isn't any diaper rash cream, but this one should take away the pain and the neosporin should help it heal."

Sounded good to me.

Because Sanders was crying so hard, I thought I would use the pain relief first. I should have looked at the tube closer because the second I put it on his raw little bum he started crying harder. I began to say, "It's ok, Honey. It doesn't hur......"

That's when I got a BIG whiff of menthol.

I had just applied MUSCLE pain relief cream to his diaper rash!

The poor kid.

He was inconsolable for about 20 minutes and we rushed him to the tub and tried to convince him that sitting down in the water on his stinging rear end would actually help him not hurt him more.

It was so sad. And now it is so funny.

Sorry, Sanders. Lesson learned.


Chrissy said...

Love the random post. Love the new white dishes! (and the new black dishwasher, and the fact that you took a picture of the new dishes over the new dishwasher...)

I don't know if I have already told you this, but when Lila was little we also dealt with horrible diaper rash. Like open sores on her little bum. And the best thing that worked was Maalox. I know sounds weird, but it neutralizes acid, which can cause alot of the problem. So you wipe them really good, make sure they are dry, apply the maalox, then make sure that is all the way dry (we used a blowdryer)and then apply desatin. It's a bit of a procedure, but it worked really well.

And sorry to leave a novel in your comment section...even though apologizing for my extra long comment just made it longer. :)

Colle said...

So I was going to tell you maalox works really good for bad diaper rash, but your cousin beat me to it.

Tobi said...

I was going to tell you that sensitive wipes (pampers brand specifically) did the trick for Mason and Colin's overly sore bums. But then on second thought, the regular application of the muscle cream will make him wish for the days when it is only diaper rash creating fire in his pants!

Danica said...

I think your dishwasher looks just like the black one we got. Yea twinner dishwashers!

The kids look cute in their arm warmers. I'm glad they like them.

Poor Sanders.

Colle said...

so today Kinslee had bad diaper rash and I realized we use Mylanta when it is bad not maalox. You just put some one a cotton ball and dab it on.

Hugo Escalante said...

Una foto vale más que mil palabras

Chrissy said...

I think that Mylanta and Maalox are basically the same thing. It's the active ingredients in the liquid antacid that helps. I'm pretty sure we just use the store brand because it's cheaper...

Megs said...

Love your new dishes!

Chrissy's recipie to cure diaper rash sounds a lot like what we do here. It's called "crusting" I'll tell you more about it later.

And you made fun of me when I used a blow dryer ;)