Saturday, January 1, 2011

Familiar Start

I love that I know how the first day of every new year will be spent. It comforting and comfortable.

The first day of each new year is always spent with the three cousins I am closest too. We call ourselves the Four Musketeers. OK I call us the Four Musketeers, but I haven't heard a petition for a different name and until I do that is how I will always think of us.

This year, instead of the usual movie and lunch we chose pedicures and lunch. It gave us more time to talk to each other and now our toes are all cute and sparkly.

I give you full permission to laugh at my weirdo shaped toes but not at my cute green toe nail polish
We went to Q nails in down town SLC. The price was perfect and the service fantastic. If I were more of frequent pedicure kind of a girl I would definitely go there again.

This is also usually the time we exchange Christmas gifts with each other. Chrissy gave us each two. The ones she hadn't quite finished last year which were super cute mini scrapbooks of New Years Eve at Disneyland and then this year's, darling, darling, ear warmers with matching gloves. I pretty much adore mine.
Not the best picture but it's WAY better than the one I'm not using. We are all MUCH cuter in person *wink*

Sarah was also very thoughtful and gave us fuzzy socks with yummy smelling lotion to keep our pedicures looking nice. Catherine is pregnant and just recently out of her 1st trimester so her gift to us was the pleasure of her company, something we all will greedily take. I had high plans of making something this year, but the week of sickness interrupted that and I bought a small token to show my love. Next year though.

Afterward, we went to the Spaghetti Factory for lunch.

I can't imagine the year without these girls. I am so grateful they are in my life.


Brianna said...

What a wonderful way to spend New Year's Day! You know how I feel about good quality girl time... priceless.

my rebel took over said...

Fun! Love the picture of all your feet! What a great shot!