Sunday, January 9, 2011


Naming a post everyday is a daunting thing. It takes me longer to think of a name (which ends up not being a grand name anyway) then it does typing the whole post.

We got to go to my sister, Meghan's, son's baby blessing today. There was a bit of drama in the morning, however. We didn't go to church last Sunday because we were all still sick. It was the first Sunday of the year and therefor the kids would have new teachers.

When Beckham found out we weren't going to church AGAIN he said, very dramatically, "You're acting as if you are NEVER going to let us go to church with our new teachers until NEXT year when we will have even newer teachers!!!!"


I told him he could choose. We would drop him off at our ward while we attended the baby blessing, but Meghan and Alex where looking forward to seeing him.

He wasn't happy about that either.

Eventually he made his choice, "Mom, I decided to go to the baby blessing because that is the right choice. "

We were happy to have him with us.

We got there just in time. Which seems to be the theme for my little family. Graham was a very good, wide awake, baby and Alex did a beautiful job with the blessing.

My children were pretty well behaved. As I've said before, as far as church is concerned, this is always somewhat shocking to me. I'm not sure why as I am told often that people think my children manage themselves very well, but somehow in church they are usually the opposite. It is happy to think that they may be moving into a new phase in which there may be some actual learning at church for us parents.

Afterward we went to Meghan and Alex's for a lunch. We love being with family.

The rest of the day was spent at home, watching movies, snuggling and playing.

The perfect Sunday.

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Lawson Family said...

That does sound like a relaxing Sunday, especially when you can reap the reward of all your consistency and time you've put into parenting.

(I hate finding a title for my posts too.)