Friday, January 14, 2011

A bit about Tennyson

Before I start with Tennyson...

Kevin is HOME!!!! I am never so aware of how challenging single parenthood is until he is back. I believe that is one of the Lord's tender mercies. Raising children is meant to be done as a pair.

On to Tennyson.

Today Tennyson told me, "Mom, I am going to beat you putting on my seat belt. I beat everybody. I beat everyone when I am eating cereal and when I drink hot chocolate milk and when I eat oatmeal and when I drink milk!"

So watch out world. He is on a roll!

He also as developed a new sense of style. Whether or not it's pajamas or day time clothes, this is latest and greatest new look.

It's a compromise I can live with.

This kid keeps us laughing.


Brianna said...

I second that kids are meant to be raised by two... it's far to exhausting alone.

I love Tennyson's new style, and I love even more that you allow it... you are awesome that way.

jillian said...

at 3 in the morning your comment about raising children as a pair came in my head while I was crying and trying to mop up chocolate throw up off the entire bathroom floor (and where ever it splattered). I got up and woke jay. thank you for talking to me in my head.

Chrissy said...

I also agree that parenting is easier when done by two. Around here we call it tag-team! Mostly though Brian sits on the side lines and throws the children back into play if they manage to escape... :)