Thursday, January 20, 2011

A little young

Beckham told me today that Elise (or Alise--I'm not sure of the spelling yet) broke up with him.


But then she got back together with him when he made the 25 mile club. 

(the 25 mile club is a category you get put in if you've ran or walked or played the equivalent of 25 miles from the beginning of the school year)

First of all I didn't even know he had a girlfriend, let alone that she had broken up with him. Secondly, he is in KINDERGARTEN!

"Beckham, that is awesome you are in the 25 mile club!Oh, but you can't have a girlfriend."

"Mom, I told her that and she said I still could."

Hmmm this girl may be trouble...wait a second she is SIX surely I can handle this.

"Well, I say you can't and I'm the Mom."

There. Done.

"Beckham, there hasn't been any kissing has there?"

Turning as red as I have ever seen any boy when asked that question then talking really fast Beckham answered, "Well, only on the cheek. AND I was SO embarrassed. Reagan even saw!!!!!"

"Who kissed who?"

"She kissed me."

"Beckham, no kissing and NO girlfriends. Got it."

Still trying to bury his head into his arms because he's talking with his mom about kissing, "Got it."

As if this weren't enough for a mother to stress about, Karaia told me that Asia asked Cole if he liked Karaia and he said,"yes." So Asia asked Karaia if she liked Cole and she said, "Yes."


It might be time for homeschooling.


Brianna said...

Oh Em... this is only a glimpse. ;)

Chrissy said...

That's the problem with having cute kids. :)

When Jake was in Kindergarten, I was cleaning out his desk and I found a little pile of about five or six notes delivered through the "school mail" that were all variations of "I love you" from a couple of different girls. When asked about them, Jake also turned an amazing shade of red...

Good luck with yours, and if you come up with any great deterrents please share!

Emily said...

Can I "like" a blog post?

This was cute. Ammon has a girl who kicks him in the shins everyday. I think it is true love.

Tobi said...

Love it!

April Weeks said...

Come on now "crushes" are what make life fun. I'm sure you remember your crushes. I still remember mine.

my rebel took over said...

Love this. Two weeks ago Grace and her friend at school got in trouble for kissing their hands and putting them on the cheek of a boy the giggle about. It's the first time she had to bring home a note for me to sign from school. It could be worse, but seriously. They're in kindergarten!!!