Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How long can one day last?

Today has taken for.ev.er. Seriously. I swear the kids must have been running around turning the clocks back just so they could see mom sway a little when hardly any time at all has gone by.

I've been getting up earlier, but I've also been going to be earlier. Still I am tired!

This thing that I am doing, well the second part, is so hard. It has taken everything I have to get through it and I've only done it for TWO days. The end result so better be worth it.

And for some reason Beckham is incapable of doing anything I ask, no matter how small or completely expected, without saying, "No!" first and throwing a little fit. I'm hoping it's just a phase, but he may be sent to one of your homes for a night or two just so we can get some space. He's actually quite a nice boy when it's not me asking him to do something.

We got the tree undecorated today. The rest of will come down this week. I'm always kind of glad to get back to my normal decorations after Christmas. I guess that goes to show there can be too much of  a good thing.

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my rebel took over said...

I'm with you about needing my space back to normal after Christmas. We have been known to take it down on Dec 26th! This year we held out a few extra days.