Saturday, January 22, 2011


We went to Grandma Cathy's Christmas party today.

Yes, I am aware that it is near the end of January, but we wanted to wait for Jim to come home.

I designed and sewed a craft bag for Grandma. Unfortunately, I left it to such last minute that I didn't have time to take any pictures. I think it turned out lovely and I hope she uses it a lot.

I also made princess capes for the three older cousins and an I Spy bag for Kasidy.

While at the party my sister-in-law, Lyndi (Hi Lyndi!), gave me an article that she had ripped out of a magazine about a fabric designer....just because she was thinking of me. *smile* The fabric designer interviewed was Anna Maria Horner. One of my all time favorite designers.

As I read the article my heart literally skipped a beat when I read that it took Anna Maria Horner SEVEN years before she landed a contract with a manufacturer. I couldn't believe it! Anna Maria Horner (yes, I usually say her WHOLE name when referring to her) is amazingly talented and highly successful. If manufacturers didn't recognize her potential right off then I feel like there is hope. Maybe manufactures just haven't realized my potential yet. I have to believe that I have it, or else what am I doing?

I hope it doesn't take seven years. But remember, I have given myself ten. So if it's seven then I'll just feel blessed I had three years to spare.

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Skye O. said...

Keep trying cause I'm waiting!!!

She is my favorite too! So inspiring in every way! I have a stash of her fabrics just waiting in my closet for that "perfect" something!

I'm sure not too long from now, I'll have a stash of your's waiting too.