Saturday, December 31, 2011

I did it!!!

I've been thinking about a few of the goals I set for myself this year and am pretty happy with the outcomes.

I lost all of the weight I gained when I was pregnant with Sanders. True, I have gained some of it back and lost a lot of the tone I gained, but I did it! AND I am still ahead of where I started. So YAY!

I went to Quilt Market!!!!!!!! This was seriously the highlight of this year! I met some of my most favorite fabric designers, turned down a contract (I know...some days I can't believe I did that either, but I still hold firm to the belief that it was the right choice), and have maintained some level of contact with manufacturing companies for the remainder of the year. True, I still do not have a contract, but I am SO much further along than I was last year!

And finally, I blogged every day this year! It's been a great goal. Like all goals it hasn't come easy, but it has been worth it.

Thank you to everyone for all of your comments (those are my favorite!), encouragement, and joining me in my journey!

Tonight we had a party with just my little family to celebrate the great year we had. We had some big dreams we shot for this year. It's been a great ride!

The spread!

Love these kids!!!
Ignore the dirty dishes in the background...there's a party going on :)

Happy New Year!!!!

Can't wait to see what next year brings!!! It will be tough to top this year :)


April Weeks said...

Looks yummy and fun! Happy New Year my beautiful daughter.

Lawson Family said...

You have accomplished some amazing things! I'm sure it will just snowball from here!

You put in a lot more effort for your family party than I did.

Costco fed my family :0) We did have some homemade cookies and carmel popcorn.

2012 Here we come!

Danica said...

Yea! Good Job! Thanks for helping me reach my goal for the year!

Colle said...

Congrats! Your party looked awesome! I am thinking one of 2012s goals needs to blog every day I loved reading your blog.

Denise said...

Emilie - I've loved reading your daily posts and hope that you contine documenting your thoughts and family happenings! You have an amazing talent in writing as well as so many other things!

Ellis said...

Was thinking about you ever since we talked yesterday (Thanks for calling:). You inspire me in so many ways!! YOU DID IT 365 blog posts in a row!!!! PLUS all the other amazingly HUGE goals you set out with and accomplished them all. LOVE YOU TUNS!!