Thursday, December 8, 2011

Last night

This is the last night before I have to change the number I tell everyone when they ask how old I am.

Early in the week I said to Karaia, "I can't believe I am going to be 32 on Friday!!"

Karaia looked shocked and said, "What?! You don't look 32."

"Oh really? How old do I look?"

"29. You see, Mom, there are some moms that look like they are in their 30's and there are some moms that look like they are in their 20's"

Here's to hopping for one more year of looking like I am in my 20's although the ever increasing wrinkles suggest otherwise *wink* I seriously want some over priced anti-wrinkle cream just to feel like I am be a little bit proactive in slowing it all down.

I actually don't mind getting older. I don't feel older. I feel about 26...other than I know a WHOLE  lot more than my 26 year old self. It's the looking in the mirror and changing is such dramatic ways that is killing me.


Ah well. I could have many more problems than the number of wrinkles on my face.

Shifting gears, Karaia had a choir concert tonight. She did great. It's fun to go and see her belong to such a huge choir. She gets to school by 8 am every Friday morning and is supper stressed if she's the littlest bit late. It's nice to see her hard work pay off.

Here are some cute, but grainy pictures to show off her cuteness. She is growing into such a beautiful young lady.

Good job Karaia!


Tobi said...

I totally agree with Karaia. You are one of those moms that look like they are in their 20s!

April Weeks said...

I loved that she said 29. I seem to recall feeling 26 for a very long time myself. What's with 26? You ain't seen nothing yet as far as aging...enjoy your body and beautiful face, you have at least 17 more years before you'll even look like you're aging.
I wish we could have seen Karaia sing. She is a beautiful young lady.