Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Um, holy cow!!!!!

A big thank you to the guest blogger! I pretty much got the best deal ever when I married him.

Do you want to see a bit of what I did yesterday?

Cute right!?!

OK, now on to today!

Well, today marked the day that I received the first of what I hope to be many Quilt Market badges. Cleared security and everything.*Que choir of angels*

Isn't Shelley cute! Don't mind my crazy eyes. That is only a quarter of what I was really feeling inside. I can't promise any cute pictures of me. I'm too excited to care. 

I walked among crates and crates of fabric and booth supplies. On the outside of these massive, 8 foot tall 10 foot long, wooden crates were HUGE black, stenciled names. Names like, Moda, Timeless, and many more. The really BIG companies had at least 8 of these huge boxes. I can't even imagine everything in them.

It was like walking through my own personal fairytale land. I've imagined this magical place for so. long. And now, I, little Emilie, get to be a part of it. I may not be playing a big role this year but in my dream of dreams, someday.......

I got to help Shelley start the set up of her booth. What a blessing Shelley is in my life. We've decided we were meant to be friends for so many different reasons. Her booth is darling. She has put so much work into it. I really want her to do very well.

So you may have noticed the pictures are, in a word, awful. The thing is, you CAN take pictures, but you should ask before you do. I'll do my best to document everything. I don't want to forget one. single. detail.

OH, Shelley saw Amy Butler! I didn't see her, but just knowing that I was in the same, gigantic, room as her gives me the giggles.

I also may have screamed a few times in my car on the ride home. Who are we kidding? I totally screamed!

Imagine. Me and Amy in the SAME room! Two years ago I never would have dared to believe that sentence could be true.

Dream big, my friends. Dream big!


Ellis said...

SO EXCITING!! I was thinking about you today. I saw the CUTE new paint on your old bench a few days ago and the wagon turned out so CUTE! I'm sitting on the edge of my seat...just can't wait to hear every detail of how it all goes!! GOOD LUCK!!

Megs said...

Those crates are HUGE!! I can't believe how much fabric must fit into one of those!

I'm so excited for you!

mae said...

I'm so excited for you!! Can't wait for more details :)

April Weeks said...

This is going to be AWESOME! And I mean that in the true sense of the word! I am thrilled that you get to do something so thrilling!

Danica said...

Yea! Cute wagon! I love that you are living your dreams, look at you, you are amazing!!!!

Skye O. said...

So fun to see your dreams coming true!! Go Emilie!!!! Can't wait to see pictures & hear of all the exciting little details!