Sunday, December 18, 2011

The big 9!!!

Wow. It's unbelievable about that my little baby is 9 considering I'm pretty sure I just had her yesterday.


Nine seems so old.

Karaia was a lot of fun today. She wanted a nail salon for her birthday. It came with everything including a nail dryer! She was in heaven! From the boys she also got a make your own Lip Balm set, but she read the title wrong and she said, "Oh look! Lip blam!" So we now lovingly refer to it as lip blam. "Hey Karaia, my lips feel dry. Can I use some of your lip blam?" hehehe

Karaia is 9!!!

Karaia requested a special breakfast of eggs, sausage, and pancakes. She also requested a white confetti cake with pink frosting, that tastes like vanilla, decorated with pink frosting flowers and green leaves. Whew! She wanted to help decorate her own cake and I think it turned out pretty cute!

Karaia also requested to have her family birthday party at Grandma Candace's house. I was so happy to hear that! Even with Candace and Jim's HUGE house we were still very cozy. We feel so loved!!! Thank you for letting us have it there!!

Karaia is a great kid. She surprises me all the time with how helpful she is and how much she is capable of. Our relationship is transitioning from strictly Mom and Daughter to Mom-Daughter-friend. It's pretty much wonderful!

I LOVE this picture!

Karaia loves to laugh and has a great giggle that really shines the second she anywhere near any of her girl friends. It's hard to hear the words for the giggles. It's darling.

I have loved watching her grow into the beautiful young lady that she is.

I'm very blessed to be her mom!

I love you Karaia!


mae said...

Happy birthday Karaia! She is such a cutie!!

Thanks again for getting everyone out the other night. It was so much fun.

Patricia said...

That is so funny. I remember Erin thanking Rob and me for her "lip blam" one Christmas at about Karaia's age. We still laugh about it.

Chrissy said...

She looks older. She looks taller. She doesn't look like a little kid anymore! (I'm pretty sure there should be some laws against that.) She looks beautiful. Happy Birthday Karaia!

April Weeks said...

She is a darling! 9 is such a great year.