Monday, December 26, 2011

Birthday Boy

Kevin turned 33 today. I swear we are barely in our still in our 20's but the numbers keep going higher.

We started off the day with some sleeping in and breakfast in bed and a gift of a remote control helicopter. Kind of like the one Beckham got. He LOVES it!

Then I took him out for lunch at Biaggi's where he got his favorite penne sardi. Thank you to Grandpa Guy and Grandma Emma for coming to our house, making the kid's beds, doing dishes and all in all loving our children!!!

When we got home we tidy Christmas toys up a bit and began to get ready for some friends and their children to come and play games. Dinner was supposed to be at 5pm. Unfortunately, the roast was still a bit frozen in the center when it started cooking and struggled to heat up. We were using our New Wave oven we got for Christmas from Mom and Dave (Which we love! Thank you!). We've cooked a roast in there before and it turned out perfect. I was SO stressed!

It took another hour to completely cook, but it was SO worth the wait. Nice and juicy and good flavor.

After dinner the kids ran wild and the adults played games. It was SO fun!!!

Happy Birthday, Kevin! You are my favorite person, my best friend, a terribly successful father, and an all around talented, caring, loving person. I love you!

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April Weeks said...

At 33 Kevin is the age of our Savior in his last year of life. For some reason that's all I can think about as I see him. Kevin is a fine man and I'm so glad he is part of this family.