Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cleaning out

Karaia and Beckham wanted to invite a few friends over today. Being the mean mother that I strive to maintain a reputation for, I required them to have clean, tidy rooms before any friends could come.

This has gone a few ways. Either wailing and gnashing with little to no actual cleaning going on or quick cleaning and fun time with friends. I would say it was mostly the later today. I did, however notice a few of Beckham's "cleaning" techniques that I will have to keep an eye out in future cleaning endeavors.

For example: I would clear a certain area, i.e. a desk top, under a desk, under the bed, etc. place everything I found in the middle of the floor and ask Beckham to put everything on the floor in it's proper home. I would then move on to another area or drawer only to find some of the exact same items I had just recently placed in the middle of the floor. Instead of finding their homes he would just stash them somewhere else.

He's not entirely clever about it though. The funniest time was right after I had totally cleared out under the bed. It was nice and clean and had a clear line of site from one side to the other. After I moved on to a desk I turned to place something in the middle of the floor only to notice that under the bed was not so clean as before.

Sheesh. No wonder he can't ever find all his stuff!

The best part is it is all clean! I went back and double checked everything after I learned his little secret.

It's nice to think about those rooms and not break out into hives!!!!


Chrissy said...

Oh my, does this sound familiar. My favorite cleaning moments are when I send my children down to work together and Jake later complains to me about having to pick up after his sisters... while I am folding HIS laundry and cleaning up HIS dishes. :)

Nancy said...

That sounds like my own cleaning skills! I move things around.