Friday, December 30, 2011

Bitter sweet

The end of the year is approaching. As well as the completion of my goal to blog everyday. There are no cut and dry feelings about this subject. On nights, like tonight, where I feel I am rushing to beat the clock to get my post in I think it will be a relief to just not blog.

But on the other side, I feel like I have really had to evaluate how I am effected by what goes on around me. More importantly, how I want to deal with it.

I'm far from perfect....all right, all right. stop laughing.....I realize that is a rather obvious statement...but even being imperfect I feel that because I took a look at myself, my surrounds, and how I reacted because/toward them on a daily basis I am closer to who I long to be and who my Heavenly Father needs me to be than I was at the beginning of the year.

To realize that may be ending is not so sweet.

So we shall see. Maybe I will continue the goal, but allow for a number of "free" days throughout the year.


Nancy said...

Emilie - I hope you do continue. I've only been here a short while but I enjoy reading your posts and your thoughts.
Thanks for stopping by my blog as well. I will try to post more in 2012.

Brianna said...

I too will miss your daily posts, but know that because of this you will always be a more frequent blogger.

Here's to a goal well kept!!

April Weeks said...

Ditto to what Bri said. I too will miss a new blog post every day and you should be mighty proud of yourself for what you have accomplished in this year.

Lawson Family said...

Yes, even though I didn't comment nearly as much as you post, I did enjoy hearing your daily thoughts and happenings in the Daly family.

Congrats on keeping your goal!!