Sunday, December 25, 2011

Early Christmas

Last night I told Karaia and Beckham that they could get up this morning any time after 5 am. I was TOTALLY kidding! These are the two children of mine that will actually sleep in late. Apparently, however, Karaia set her internal clock and at 5:15am Karaia and Beckham were at the foot of our bed wide awake. And by wide awake, I mean Christmas morning wake. There was NO way they would go back to bed.

So we called my mom and Dave who wanted to be her to watch the magic and when they got here we woke the two little boys up. That's right. You read correctly. I willing woke Tennyson and Sanders up in the early morning hours.

Here's the short list of the gift run down:

Sanders: Mega Blocks Thomas train sets. He LOVES them!
Tennyson: an insanely MASSIVE amount of Legos. He could barley be bothered to eat.
Beckham: The big Harry Potter Castle Lego set. He loves that it is taking so long and it's so complicated ;)
Karaia: Furniture for her America Girl Doll. She is in Heaven.
Emilie: The next two books in The Mysterious Benedict Society series. YAY!!!
Kevin: A three tier cooling rack. I know it sounds lame, but I promise he likes it AND I got him LOTS of Resses Peanut Butter Christmas tress. AND Kevin and I don't need a ton or expensive things to be happy.

The rest of the day was mostly wonderful. Mid afternoon was a little rough because the lack of sleep totally took over a few personalities, but other than that it was nice.

We went to Grandma Candace and Grandpa Jim's house, then to the Francom's church, then back home for much needed naps, and rounded out the day with a very nice time at my Dad's.

All in all I'd call everything a success!

No time for relaxing though. Tomorrow is Kevin's birthday and I am bound and determined to make him feel as wonderful as he makes me feel!


Colle said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!!

lori said...

Sounds fun! We need to get our Lego fanatics together. Merry Christmas!