Monday, December 5, 2011

It just was

Nothing much happened today.

I meant to exercise and I didn't. Which means I never got ready for the day. Who wants to get ready for the day and THEN exercise. Not me that's for sure.

Tennyson had a make up pre-school day because one day of pre-school was canceled last week due to  the storm.

Sanders took a three hour long nap.

I worked.

Oh, we also had Lila over to play. She's pretty funny.

Karaia and I worked on a mosaic she got from Nana and Pappa for Christmas. I loved spending that one on one time with her.

Beckham taught FHE tonight. After his lesson on love we talked about the miracles that happened to Nana and Pappa. I wanted/needed my kids to understand what exactly a miracle was. We went over every detail of the whole ordeal. Miracle by miracle. I described what SHOULD have happened and then what happened and why that was a miracle. Beckham was a ball of tears by the end. He is my child who feels the Holy Ghost the same way I do. We can't help but cry. I asked him what he was feeling. He said, "Happy and grateful that Nana and Pappa are safe."

I didn't want Karaia to feel like just because she wasn't crying she wasn't feeling the Spirit. She said she felt calm and warm inside. Lucky her not to get the water works gene. She might actually be able to bear her testimony and have others understand it because she won't be sobbing through the entire thing ;)

So, I guess stuff did happen today. But only the stuff that's important to me. That's enough.