Thursday, December 15, 2011

Been awhile

It's been awhile since I've done a stream of consciousness post. Seeing as I don't have anything exciting to report otherwise it feels like the right choice for tonight.

I recently finished the book The Mysterious Benedict Society. I loved it. It's geared toward children probably ages 8 and above although there are a few words and concepts that even had me rereading the sentence a few times. It's a mystery without being scary. It's brilliantly written and very engaging. Sheesh. I should totally get paid for this post. But seriously, the second I finished the book I turned right back to the front and started rereading it! It has a twist ending that made me want to relive the story knowing what I now know.

Let's see what else.....

This is a super, SUPER busy month for us. 3 birthdays, Christmas parties galore, and all the other fun holiday things. But it sure makes it pretty easy to find joy throughout the day.

Alright...I am running out of rambling. Shocker I know.

Perhaps I'll be more entertaining tomorrow.

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