Monday, December 12, 2011

Far into the future

Tonight Beckham asked if he could give me an extra hug.

"Of course!"

As I hugged him I realized he was crying. "What's wrong, Bud?"

Through his tears he explained, "I'm just sad. I'm sad to go to college and leave my family. I'm excited to go on my mission, but I am sad to go on my mission. It's sad to leave you guys for two years!"

What big thoughts for such a young age. My heart broke a little because of the tenderness of his heart. Wanting so much to be obedient and grown up and yet longing for things to stay as they are.

Aren't we all a bit like that?

I told him I would write him every week and send him presents for Christmas and his birthday. I also reminded him that he will get to call on Christmas and Mother's Day.

He said, "It's strange that missionaries only call on Christmas and Mother's Day."

I'm sure there will be some teenage years in there where he can't wait to leave home. But for now, my darling boy thinks 12 years until he leaves on a mission is much too much short a time.

I have to agree.

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