Monday, September 12, 2011

You never know

Just when you think you are headed one direction Heavenly Father opens another door and offers you more options.

I'm sorry I'm so vauge on this blog. I have started another, private, blog to record all the moments I feel are best kept closer to home, i.e. only for me and my kids and husband. But I did want "some" kind of documentation here.

It was an amazing day. I feel so blessed. So taken care of.

I'm happy to share the events on a personal level just not on the internet ;)

In news that can be sharred more freely, I went up to Cache Valley to visit Sabina and her new home. Oh my, but I love that girl! Her yard is to die for and her house had amazing potential! It did my soul so much good to get my Sabina fix.

It must happen again sooner rather than later.
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