Monday, September 26, 2011

Harry Potter birthday cake

The birthday cake.

Beckham asked for a Harry Potter cake this year. For some reason this felt like a near impossible task. I don't do fondant and I was in no mood to learn. I also was not really in the mood to do and cake carving.

Thankfully at the last minute I came up with this.

Super simple. Rectangle chocolate cake, green dyed coconut flakes, floral wire bent into Quiditch goals, a few photoshopped Harry Beckhams and your done!

Beckham loved it....mostly. I believe his exact quote when I showed him Harry Beckham (which, ps, is WAY funnier than Beckham Potter) was, "I like it, but I'm a bit embarrassed because I'm a big head Harry Potter."

Too funny!

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Danica said...

So fun, Amy was trying to describe it to me. She said it was a great party.

Chrissy said...

Um, wow! Way more impressive than fondant or cake carving. Big head Harry Potter! LOL! That just made my night. :)

Tobi said...

So, so, so, so cute!!! Love it!

Amy said...

The cake was great Em and so was the party! Beckham is one fun kid.

April Weeks said...

You have strokes of inspiration and genius (sp) a lot!

April Weeks said...

p.s. I loved the added touch of the lightening scar on his forhead.
Brilliant! (pun intended)

Lawson Family said...

I love it big head and all! :0)

my rebel took over said...

You need to live near me so I can talk you into doing all this stuff for my kids.

Emilie said...

And you need to live near me so that after I do all this stuff for my kids you'll use your amazing photography skills for the benefit of my family :)

Sounds like a fair trade to me!