Monday, September 19, 2011

Time of year

The grapes are on! I love the juice from our grapes. The picking is not my favorite, but it always goes much, much faster with a little help and someone to talk to.

Thanks for keeping me company picking grapes this morning, Danica!

All of the grapes on our side are picked. Our neighbors don't want theirs so I'll get their side all picked tomorrow.

Can't wait for that yummy juice!

We also took Beckham out for his birthday dinner tonight because there is a Father and Sons campout this weekend. Since this is going to be an odd number birthday for him, he won't be having a friend party, but he did get to chose one friend to bring to dinner. He chose Bradley R. and to go to Chuck O' Rama. Those two were a bunch of goof balls. It was fun to see Beckham laughing SO hard!

I can't believe he is turning 7 on Friday!

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