Thursday, September 29, 2011

The creative process

I love it when a child tells me a story. I've been noticing that Sanders is starting to have story lines attached to his alone time play. I wanted to see  if he would play one of my favorite games with me.

The following is a story Sanders and I created together this morning.

Me: "Once upon a time there was a boy named......"

Sanders: "Boy!"

M: "...a boy named Boy. Boy liked to...."

S: "Run!"

M: "Run! Boy liked to run really fast! One day boy got a new...."

S: "Car!"

M: " He also got a new...."

S: "Car!"

M: " ....and a new train. One day his friend,....."

S: " Caillou!"

M: "...came over to play and said, 'Boy, do you want to play cars and train with me?' And Boy said,'..."

S: "Yes!"

M: "The End."

See, it even had a twist. I bet no one saw coming that the second new thing that Boy got was going to be  another car :)

Good times. Good times.

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Lawson Family said...

Yes, that surprise twist really threw me! :0)