Monday, September 5, 2011


We have an announcement!

We have added to our family!

Meet Ferb!!!

He is the newest addition to the living, eating, needing to be cleaned up after, beings that I have agreed to keep track of.

The kids are in love.

And so am I.

I told the kids we would get a cat when Sanders started walking. year after that started, I've finally made good on my word. They had to earn him by being obedient and that took some doing.

He was born around mother's day to a neighbor of ours and is already accustomed to living outdoors. I just could not even entertain the idea of having one more mess making thing living inside. We are all happy with this arrangement.

It was very hard to name our new little friend. In the end we put three names on paper, Ferb, Phineas, and Baljeet, folded them up and had Beckham close his eyes and choose one. I was rooting for Baljeet, but Kevin says that Ferb is short for Furball.

Either way, we are very excited!!!


Megs said...

I'm so glad they finally earned their cat! I can't wait for them to tell me all about little Ferb, yea for pets!

Colle said...

I love the names. I like Baljeet. I love phineas and ferb and saw the new movie this weekend and was totally laughing.

Scott / Lori said...

So I have to tell you, yesterday I was pulling into our driveway and was passing your house slowly....there in your driveway was Sanders laying on his tummy face to face with Ferb just petting and petting him. It was so cute. Then he looked over and saw us and immediately hopped up and hoisted the cat up and was looking super-big. Until the cat got too heavy and he had to put him down. Julia and I got a big kick out of the entire scene. It was so cute. Congrats on the new pet. Everyone over here is pretty excited for you.