Saturday, September 24, 2011

Beckham turns 7!

As you know, Beckham's birthday was yesterday and he turned 7!

This is the face I get when I ask a newly turned 7 year old to smile.

There's my cute boy

Full of personality

Meghan, Annie, this not the very face of Calvin?

Awww we love our kitty1

Wahoo! Mom's done with the outside pictures!

Here's the birthday boy waiting for presents

He got a remote control Helicopter from Kevin and me and Lego Helicopter and Lego people from his siblings
Flying the 'copter

The Lego people. I seriously love these things.

Excited to build his helicopter before school

Beckham is an amazing kid. Most days I feel like I just haven't given him enough. Not that he is demanding more...I just feel like his life would fill more fulfilled if I had given him enough.  Enough love, enough one on one time, enough discipline, enough opportunities.

He has so many strong emotions that I often find I can't keep up with his needs. I want him to feel as special as he is, but not feel entitled. I want him to feel the full range of emotions his surroundings and and the people around him invoke with out feeling, or being, out of control. I want him to feel just how much I love him and never doubt it.

Beckham loves school. He loves to learn anything and everything he can. Mrs. Pickett has him doing 2nd grade math and he just tested as reading at a 4th grade level. He is a good friend to everyone and is quickly making a name for himself as a class clown....after seeing those pictures above, does that even surprise anyone?

He is very fun to have a conversation with and still surprises me with what captures his attention. He is super loving and drinks up all the hugs we can possibly offer. He's found some new found sense of adventure and I've loved seeing him explore his new wings. It's also so lovely to have a child who enjoys the piano so much, the practicing is second nature.

Every day Sanders asks when Beckham will be coming home from school.

I cannot imagine living without him in our life.

I love you Beckham! Happy Birthday, Buddy!!!!!


Chrissy said...

Happy Birthday Beckham! He is a pretty neat seven year old. :) Jake wants him to come over soon and play Legos.

Lawson Family said...

Remote control helicopter? You guys are some pretty cool parents!

Yes, he looked exactly like Calvin.

Beckham is one of a kind and will always be! Happy Birthday!

Alex said...

"we can't send these pictures in our chirstmas card....well, they are accurate, except for the combed hair" haha Such a calvin face

Happy Birthday Beckham!!

Alex said...

ah, this is meghan, not alex. oops :)

Danica said...

Happy birthday Beckham! Sorry we can't make it to your party tonight, we will get your birthday present soon.