Thursday, September 15, 2011


Two unusual things happened around here today.

One is that there is a fire on the mountain to the north of us. It's far enough away that we won't lose any sleep today, but it's close enough that we're keeping an eye on it.

Two is that we had an appraiser come to our house because we are refinancing SO I had to clean my house. And by clean, I mean I was practically dragging people in off the street to come show them every. last. room. because who knows when they are going to be clean enough to show them again.


I took pictures to document it.

That's how rare it is around here. Oh well. At least I can say it happened once!


Tobi said...

I was reading your post this morning and Colin came over for a look. I pointed out Sanders in your family picture and he said, "Sanders? Yay!!!" Then ran from the room excitedly saying "Sanders! Sanders!" A few seconds later he came back, leading Shem in by the finger to show him Sanders too. I think that means we need to get together for a play date!

April Weeks said...

I am a witness. I felt and saw the extremely clean house the minute I stepped through the door.

Very nice.

Chrissy said...

I totally relate to that feeling! My upstairs is finally clean and my first thought is "I need someone to come visit and see how nice and clean everything is!"

Now I just need to the downstairs done while maintaining the upstairs... that's the real trick. :)

Sarah said...

so why didn't you post the pictures?