Saturday, September 3, 2011

What to say

Some days feel like a bunch of little days.

The morning was spent sleeping in (Thank you Kevin!) and then going to Sabina's daughter's (Talia) baptism with Karaia. It was a wonderful morning followed by a luncheon that most of my favorite friends attended.

Then we came home and I was so tired I needed another nap. Who knows why. Kevin got a ticket to the Real Salt Lake game and we figured a nap for getting to put the kids to bed by myself was a good trade.

After dinner Kevin left for the game and I took the kids to a few stores to make a care package for Nate and Brianna. They need all the love they can possibly get right now.

The kids went to bed well and I sat down and watch a weird 60s movie.

And now the day is gone and I feel restless and unproductive and as if I didn't spend enough time loving my children.

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