Thursday, August 11, 2011

Customer satisfaction

I like to do a customer satisfaction check with my kids every now and again. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on the day, my children are fairly forth coming with their opinion on my behavior so I am able to get accurate data.

Tonight I asked Karaia and Beckham if they thought I was mean.

Karaia knotted her eyebrows disbelievingly and declared, "Never mean! Maybe a little grumpy sometimes....but not mean."

Beckham quickly said, "A few times."

"What have I done that you felt was mean."

"When Karaia encourages you to believe that I did something and then you believe her."

I turned to Karaia who looked at me with the I'm-just-an-innocent-little-angel-who-has-never-pushed-anyone's-buttons-just-to-watch-them-get-mad face.....hmmmm yeah right.

"Wouldn't that me more of a complaint with Karaia than with me?"

" believe her...and that's mean."

"OK Bud, I will try and figure out what is really going on, but if you are the one that did something wrong, you are still going to get in trouble."

"That's kind of mean."


There's no pleasing some customers.

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