Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Denver Zoo

 The Denver Zoo is amazing. The exhibits are so well done and they get you really close to the animals.

 Nine of the Ten kids. Davis was in the stroller.

At one point, Karaia came up to me and said, "Mom! I was lost!" We had unofficially split up into three groups in one of the indoor exhibits that had a lot of little, twisty rooms. I had just assumed she was with one of the other groups. "I had to ask one of the zoo workers to help me find you!"

So scary! The sad thing is, I kept feeling like I should go check on Karaia, but then I kept convincing myself she was just with one of the other groups. Next, time I'll listen to those promptings faster!
Thank goodness she is a smart girl and knows what to do if she is lost.

Beckham just HAD to take a picture of this snake.

Yes those are my glasses. He didn't care one bit because the sun was SO bright.

This was the best zoo I've been to. We were there for hours and didn't even come close to seeing everything. Next time we'll have older children and plan to spend more time.


Lawson Family said...

I'm so glad you did better than me at documenting your stay here. Sanders smile on the train cracks me up!

Ellis said...

When Dominick was just 1 we lived in Colorado for a summer. We went to the zoo and I remember thinking how AMAZING it was. Compared to the SLC zoo it's paradise! Brought back memories...thanks! Glad you had such a great time!!

Megs said...

I love Brightynn posing in the kid picutres! What a crack up!

This makes me excited to go when I'm there in Oct. Hope the weather cooperates!

Chrissy said...

Denver really does have a great zoo. Looks like a lot of fun memories for your kids! :)