Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today we went to Lagoon. We got there at 11:00 am and left at 10:00 pm. With all four kids. And do you know what? They were amazing. Not a single, whine, complaint, melt down, or grumpy attitude among the bunch!

Earlier in the day we met up with Meghan and Evan, rode a few rides, and enjoyed Lagoona Beach. Thanks for enjoying the day with us Megs! The kids loved having Evan with them for some of the rides.

The best part of the day is that the kids tried so many things outside of their normal comfort zones.

Sanders went on anything he wasn't, "too tiny" , as he said, for. He was also a major clown and would get SO excited if his vehicle, or bug, or whatever, was any shade of green. He would he these HUGE eyes and open his mouth wide as if he had just gotten the best Christmas present ever. And he waited in line better than any two year old I've ever had. He was just so good all day. That's without a nap even.

Tennyson's favorite rides where Bombora and the sky ride. He was so sad that he wasn't quite tall enough to ride the bigger roller coasters with dad. After every ride he would shout at the top of his lungs, "THAT. WAS. AWESOME!!!" He also was a super star when it came to waiting in lines.

Karaia is in LOVE with Wicked and anything else High and fast. (Which, as a side note, is hilarious to me because she was in tears over skiing at Lake Powell and would only try it once....ironic right?) She was game for anything we threw at her and was SUPER helpful with her younger brothers. In fact, Karaia has been extra helpful with the whole family this last week. I've been so proud of her.

And Beckham? Well, Beckham stretched himself the most!  He is my most cautious child by far and has always had a keen sense of his mortality when it comes to amusement parks. But Beckham, willing, went on almost all the rides Kevin asked him to join him on. That list includes the White roller coaster, the log flume, Spider, Wild Mouse, and Bombora. Of course there where others, but those where the biggest ones. Most importantly, he had a great time on them.

You have to understand that for Beckham, this was a HUGE accomplishment! Way to go Beckham!!

He also had the funniest quotes today:

After riding Puff, "Mom, the front is thrilling, I tell you, thrilling!"

At the end of the day, "Dad, I wanted to go on Colossus.....that is until I saw the back flips."

Today makes me SOOOOO excited for the next time we go to Disneyland!!!!

Thank you kids for making today so much fun!!!

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