Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Family of Dreamers and a Public announcement

I'm not the only one with big dreams in this family. Lately, we've been working hard making someone else's dream come true around here.

I designed the sign. It's nice to see a tangible form of it. But most importantly, Kevin likes it.
If anyone wants a sign we are happy to help!

Also, go check out Kevin's blog centervillematters.blogspot.com

And now, as a Public Service announcement:

When your four year old starts soccer and you buy them their very first, very own soccer ball, DO NOT pump up that beloved ball too much.....

I felt SO bad! Not too mention it scared the heck out of me! It didn't pop right away. It lulled us into a false sense of security for about 2 minutes after I stopped pumping before it burst so close to me that my ears are still ringing. 
Poor Tennyson, he was so sad.

Sorry, Buddy!!!!


April Weeks said...

That IS sad.

I know a few people in Centerville that would probably take a sign.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Kevin!! Wow, you are busy people--how do you keep up?!? I need your energy. When is election day? I hope all goes well. Good job on the sign design.

Too funny about the soccer ball. Unforeseen dangers lurking in the soccer world.