Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Park in Parker

I've lost track of the days at this point. But one of the days we went to a great park in Parker, where Annie lives.

The park was great. There were two playgrounds. One geared toward older children, one for the younger tykes. We had lunch there and pretty much just tried to keep track of all 10 kids. There were SO many other people there. 

After the park we headed across the street to get some ice cream. 

The rest of the day was spent at home. The girl cousins never had any problems with each other. The boys? Well, they mostly got along. Tennyson and Brenner and a best friend/best enemy relationship. The LOVED each other and shadowed the other one...until something happened. It was never a big thing and it wasn't an all day thing either. But at least once a day one or the other one was ready to disown his cousin. 

Sanders and Davis kind of played with each other. Sanders usually tried to hang out with Brenner and Tennyson though.

Poor Beckham felt a little lost this trip sometimes. Tennyson, Sanders, Brenner, and Davis we just a little too young for him and the girls sometimes felt kind of "girls only club-ish" or they were just paired off really well. Karaia and Brightynn and Marlee and Mckinney. Little Jordyn was happy to just hang out with everyone. Beckham did pretty well. But we would find him wandering alone and every once in awhile he would express that he felt lonely. That will all change as Tennyson gets older and likes more of the same things Beckham does. 

The over all feeling of the week was that they kids LOVED hanging out with their cousins. Nothing better than helping my kids build memories like that. 

Another day, we spent at a water park. There wasn't once complaint from a single child the whole 3 hours we were there. 

Parker is a lovely place. There is so much to do and it's such a clean inviting environment. It will get better and better as the kids get older and we can explore with less stress. 

Thanks for sharing your city with us, Annie.

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Thanks for making the treck and great memories!