Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lookin' out for her friends

We got to hang with our beloved Mrs. Pickett tonight for a MAC class back to school bbq.

During the evening Casey (Mrs. Pickett) shared a story with me about Karaia from last year.

Casey drinks coffee, which confuses some of the LDS kids who have been raised that coffee is not a beverage that they should drink, but their Mrs. Pickett is awesome. So they are learning it's ok if someone else has a different life style/belief then them that they are still good people.

That being said, they are still kids and their fillters are in the process of forming.

Karaia had talked to Mrs. Pickett about drinking coffee before. More of a why? And why don't you just stop? kind of a conversation. During one field trip Casey realized she had forgotten water or other drink, but she did at least have her coffee. As she was loudly lamenting her situation to her kids, Karaia turned to her with all the attitude, hand on hipping, and love of a pier rather than a student and informed, "We have GOT to get you off of that stuff! "

Thankfully, Casey thought it was hilarious and encouraged me to write it down.

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