Saturday, August 6, 2011


This is the last Colorado post.

With 10 children, eight years old and younger, you can imagine that there was little sleeping, lots of laughter, it felt like it was meal time every 10 secs, and tons of reasons to smile.

Especially when playing in a bounce house inside the living room!

The boys discovered plastic army/police/firemen guys and played outside for hours.

Annie, Mom, Brianna, and I all discovered the lure of polygamy...when it comes to cleaning and child care anyway. The house stayed clean, but we all felt like we were doing less then we normally do at our own homes. And it's not like the kids were clean freaks either. And for me, that's saying a lot :) Not only that but the meals times were very efficient. And even though the children had to decorate the floor and the table with their food, within 15 minutes of them leaving the kitchen you would never be able to tell they had been there because the moms all took a spot and shined it up.

That, and most of the time, we hardly saw the kids at all because they were so busy being entertained by their cousins.

The nights were ours, however. Well, after we convinced the children it was time to sleep. We played games, ate junk food, and just laughed and laughed. 

I had a wonderful time. Even with the drive it takes to get out there, I can't wait to make this a yearly thing.

Thank you, Lawsons!!


Tobi said...

I'm telling you...polygamy has it benefits. They say it is really designed for the benefit of women.

It sounds like you had such a great trip. I'm glad you were able to enjoy some of the time Kevin had to be away.

Anonymous said...

What a blast! I'm glad you had a great time. I hope you're adjusting to that boring, monogamous life again. :)

Sarah said...

that. sounds. awesome. So glad you got to do this trip and have fun.