Monday, August 1, 2011

Driving problems

June 10th, the kids and I headed to Colorado with Annie. Along with Brianna, her two girls, and Mom. Kevin left the same day for a 3 week long business trip to Washington D.C.

The morning started out great. We were on time and the weather was perfect. The we turned into classic women drivers. The GPS had issues and we had some miscommunication as to which direction we were going. SO two hours after we left the Syracuse area and headed East, we were still in Utah.


We added two WHOLE hours to an 8 hour drive.

The kids did great.

The adults. Well, we tried to be as adult as we could.

All I could think at the end of our trip was, "I could have been in Disneyland by now."

It's a good thing Annie is worth it.


Lawson Family said...

I am still so impressed with how well all the kids did with a 10 hour drive! I'm hopin' this mean you'll come out again? ;0)

Anonymous said...

That stinks. I'm glad you made it, eventually. Fun trip! I'm glad Kevin is home!

Brianna said...

Sigh is right... but the kids did great.

P.S.- Small correction... it was July 10th. ;)

Stelle said...

Ugh, it's never fun when there's some trouble on the road. It can get pretty hectic with kids in the car, too. Of course, it's great that your kids behaved. And I imagine that it made the extra two hours feel better by a little bit.

-Stelle Courney