Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My baby

Happy Birthday Karaia!!!!!

My baby turned 5 today. FIVE!

All day long I kept recalling five years ago. I seemed to be able to relive every moment of that day. I remembered what time I was being admitted into the hospital. And at 4:50 pm I leaned over to you with joy and love and told you," In 8 minutes you are officially going to turn 5!" You looked at me, rolled your eyes and declared, "Mom, I'm already 5." I just hugged you tight and watched the minutes creep closer to 4:58. I remember your birth. It was magic. And all of the sudden, I was a mom............a mom.

As that time came and past, I began to recount all your time on this earth. You are amazing!

::You are so smart. You have been right from the start. You have been reading for more than a month and as long as I don't ask you to preform you really love it.

::You are beautiful and grow more so everyday.

::You are a wonderful sister, just as I hoped you would be.

::Your imagination astounds me. You told me the other day, "Maybe we are all just in a story and somebody is reading about us right now."

:: You have astounding artistic abilities and you love experimenting with colors.

:: You have very good pitch for a 5 year old and can remember words and melodies to very long songs after only hearing them an handful of times.

::You are a soccer champ. 5 goals in one game 15 total in the fall season and this was your first season!

::You love to dress up and be a princess. Some days I wish we could tone down the diva part that comes with the princess, but mostly I love that you feel good about yourself and you KNOW you are from royal birth.

::You adore fashion and love to dress yourself. And I let you. I just make sure everyone knows it's your own unique style.

::You are a great helper and LOVE to help me with dinner.

::I've never seen a 5 year old make a bed as well as you do. I can't even make it that well.

::You are very thoughtful and always make sure to hug and kiss everyone who leaves as if it's the last time you'll see them. I hope that is something you will always do.

::You LOVE your hair to be curly.

::And I challenge anyone to remember a time recently when they have NOT seen you with your chapstick or lip gloss, which you always correct me that it's, "lipstick" because you are all grown-up.

Most of all, I remembered how I first loved you and could not have imagined being able to love you more, but I do. I've had a wonderful time being your mom. You have taught me patience (apparently I still need more lessons because you keep giving them to me) and kindness and unconditional love and forgiveness. Things Jesus taught. Thank you for enriching my life. Happy Birthday, Sweetie.

Love, Your Mom


Colle said...

Happy Birhtday Karaia!! Em you have a very beautiful and talented little girl!!

Dave said...

I wonder if Emilie was also a diva in her youth, with the "grown-up" lipstick and the curly hair. What a wonderful description of the cutest 5 yr old ever! Happy birthday Karaia!!

Meleah said...

Those pictures are so cute. Her eyes are so pretty. She is a very darling little girl.

Jillian said...

Five going on 10!! Happy Birthday to you.... for giving birth and living this long!!love ya..

Emilie said...

Thank you. I think so too! And no, of course I have never been a diva....