Friday, December 21, 2007

Four Days before Christmas

Twas four days before Christmas, parties start to bring mirth.
We have one on each evening 'til we celebrate His birth.

The first night we travel to be with the Whites.
The second night in Bountiful, to Nana's delight.
The third night brings candy cane cookies wrapped in our mouths.
That are famously made at Grandma-great Cathy's Holladay house.
The forth night, well actually it's held in the day,
Will send us to Bear River with cousins to play.

And when we come home we"ll have one sleep until,
The kids wake us quite early, "You're in your bed still?!"
"Mom, Dad, wake up quick. We can't wait any more!"
We'll roll over, still tired from "helping" Santa until four.

They'll whip off our covers and jump on our bed
And I'll gently remind them to first bow their heads,
So that we may remember what this day really means.
The Savior, His birth, and the salvation it brings.

I hope that the children, so lively and quick,
Will hold in their hearts that it's MORE than St. Nick.
While the parties are starting, bringing fun with each night,
May our hearts be focused on the joy of His light.

Merry Christmas


Lawson Family said...

What a creative little poem! Did that take long to think up? I'm impressed. We sure miss being with you guys this holiday season!

Emilie said...

nope. Not too long. We miss you too! I keep thinking I'll get to see you. Still, there is nothing that beats a Christmas all your own. Make lots of fun memories!

Colle said...

I think that is a cute I am not so creative like that. I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas!!! Have fun at all your parties!