Saturday, December 1, 2007

Deck the halls

We decorated the tree on Tuesday. The kids were beyond excited. They were very good helpers. We turned on some Christmas music instantly flooding our new home with what will be cherished memories of our first Christmas here.

Tennyson liked trying his new (OK almost new) mad sitting skills.

Beckham asks me 5 times EVERY day if it's Christmas yet. I tell you what, using Santa as a means by which to, um, encourage, my children to be obedient is like an early gift.

On a silly note, look who found his tongue today. I don't think it ever saw the inside of his mouth. Personally, I think he's just practicing for his Christmas solo Fa La La La La....

.....LA LA
.....LA LA!!!!
Look out Gene Simmons!

1 comment:

Colle said...

What cute kids you have! I love the santa card also I only wish it worked all year long. What a very long tongue.