Monday, December 17, 2007

Mom I e sree

It is just after 10am and already the events of the morning make me want to sell some of my children and go back to bed for a day.

Karaia has been sent to her room multiple times already. Mostly for choosing not do what I've asked her resulting in many askings on my part. Finally at 9:30 I think we've conquered the growth adjustment for the day. She tells me she is hungry for breakfast now. I tell her, "Great. Go choose what you would like and I'll be right back." I head off to the bathroom.

Karaia has finished choosing her meal and is occupying her time until I am available by playing the piano. Meanwhile, I have flushed.......OH NO!!!! The HORROR!!!!!!! Some previous user ( I suspect a male older than 3) had failed to ensure everything went down as it should resulting in a back up. YUCK. GAG. Human waste everywhere!!! Then I hear the scream.

Beckham wanted to cultivate his musical talent as well and tried to push his way onto the piano. Karaia decided that physical prowess was the best method of deterring said pesky brother from ruining her working master piece.

I'm ankle high in watered down feces when the fight breaks out. All I can do is tell them to go in their rooms. Yet again, because I am so dirty (gag) I don't even want to be me (shudder) at the moment.

Fast forward a half hour later. Karaia came up and handed me a paper that looks like this:


"Read it, Mom."

"Mom, I e ..... Can you help me?

"Mom, I am sorry for the consequences. Um..... I don't know what the rest of the words mean. See I sounded out Sorry. S-R-E-E. I'm sorry, Mom."

We hugged. And said our I love yous. I'm pretty proud of her for trying make amends. Lets hope things remain on this path and all yuckiness, spiritual and other wise, remain out of sight and off my person. I must go take another shower now. GAG.

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Colle said...

sounds like you have had a fun filled day!!! That is good that she realized she needed to appologize.