Monday, December 31, 2007

The job that was no more

On Friday, Dec. 28, Kevin decided he'd had enough of a job that was not heading in the direction we wanted, OK, it wasn't heading in ANY direction. So he quit. That's right. We are officially unemployed.

Surprisingly, we feel amazing about our new financial situation. While we should be stressed and terrified we feel joyful and calm. I have never seen Kevin, well, the only word for it is giddy. He is nearly skipping everywhere he goes. A huge weight has definitely been lifted. I would say that's a sign that he made the right choice.

We have 6 weeks of survival saved up. Oh, and I have a plethora of dried peas and beans that I am striving at becoming an expert in fixing in an edible manner. So if you suddenly have a craving for beans, come our way. I'm sure I can fix something to make your mouth water.....if not your eyes.

Kevin had a second interview last week we will hear about sometime this week. Hopefully Wednesday. Until then please send me all your dried bean recipes. It's time to get creative!

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Katie said...

wow!! that all sounds exciting, we've been there before! good things will come, sometimes you have to take that leap. i'd send you some bean recipes, but they are forbidden here in our house. we (kade) are "allergic" but let me know what you come up with! :)good luck with everything, it will all work out! love ya, katie