Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holy night

I went out with my sister-in-law, Emily. Emily and I have children who are the same age and very similar temperaments. It is always very lovely to get together with her and scheme about possible plans of child rearing that will teach life lessons, gospel standards, and, on occasion, if one of our "angel" children have been particularly devilish that week, good ol' fashion torture.

She invited me to go to A Christmas Carol at The Hale Centre Theatre. It was by far the best production I have seen in a long time! The special effects where amazing. They even had real snow falling from the sky. The actors did a fantastic job and I was completely lost in the show.
It is a very thought provoking story. It is now on my list of things I MUST read soon. And as the show progressed, Emily pointed out that they used hymns to dictate the mood. It really brought home the fact that Jesus is and should be our main focus, always, but especially this time of year. Merry or sad. I think Charles Dickens did the world such good by reminding us of Christ's love, and that we must share that love with all, in such an entertaining, thoughtful way.

As I hold my new little boy my mind is far away in a time long gone when another little boy entered this world in less than hygienic conditions. What love the Father must have for us to subject His little boy to such conditions. And by the same note, what love Christ has for us to agree to that.

I wrap my arms around my little boy, I feel the love of one fresh from above. One who was recently in the presence of whom we celebrate. I feel His love and I am blessed.

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