Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mere Technicalities

We had family night at Candace's (Kevin's mom) house. She was having Beckham ask us some questions regarding the birth of Christ. Where was He born? Who was his mom? After every correct answer we were rewarded with a, "Good!" He was very proud of our fast knowledge of the First Night.
Then came the question of who Jesus' dad was. Pappa (My step-dad, Dave) answered Joseph. Beckham started to provide the encouraging reward, but we reminded him that Jesus' dad is Heavenly Father. As a perplexed look spread across Beckham's face as he tried to comprehend how this was possible, since in every Nativity Scene it is Joseph standing beside Mary and not Heavenly Father, someone clarified, "Joseph was Jesus' guardian. " Still not convinced of Joseph's "new" proposed role he declared, "Right. He was his Guardie Dad."

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