Thursday, December 6, 2007

Did you know?

I picked Beckham up from my mom's, Nana's, house. He was watching a movie when I got there so I was informed we had to wait. When we finally left, I asked him what they did.

Beckham: We read a book.

Me: Which book?

Beckham: The Grinch

Me: And THEN you got to watch the Grinch movie? Wow that's pretty lucky.

Beckham: Yup. They're pretty appertoad.

Me: Appertoad? What does that mean?

Beckham: It means they are the same. You know, appertoad.

Me: Oh. (giggle)

When we got home, I asked him where he got that word. He stated as if it was common knowledge to all well versed individuals, "It's a new word. Just like New York."

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the ric said...

Just wait shortly we will all incorporate appertoad into our every vocabulary. Lets not forget our new reference to the divine as the Great Mr. Mossby.