Thursday, July 21, 2011

World acording to Tennyson

As I was half crying, half questioning Tennyson as to why he had not gone back to sleep after his 5 am waking this morning, he let me know that he indeed had....I just didn't know it.

"But, Mawwwwm, I can only go to sleep with my eyes open."


Then later he asked me to help him get his already chewed gum out of his pocket so he could resume chewing it.

"Oh, Tennyson, (sigh) why did you put your gum in your pocket?"

"Because, I wanted to save it for later and I couldn't play this (holding up his harmonica) when it was in my mouth."

At least my days are never dull and I always, unfortunately, get an early start with this little guy around.

PS. Thank you to everyone who offered help to me the other day after my children decided that a store was a good time to practice everything I've asked them not to do. This girl feels very loved and looked after. Thank you!!!!

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Chrissy said...

The gum in the pocket killed me! Because you can totally follow his logic, it would be extremely difficult to play a harmonica with gum in your mouth... :) I hope he slept in for you a little more today.