Monday, July 25, 2011

Sometimes thank you is not enough

My sister, Meghan, is one of those people that literally never thinks about themselves. She is always serving. Always. I hope I can be more like her.

She gave me the afternoon/evening off! She came over at 3:30 and sent me on my way. She played with my kids, fed my kids, and even bathed my kids! I didn't come home until 8:00pm. That is 4 1/2 kid free hours, people!

It was just what I needed. I can't say thank you enough, Meghan. I can't find the words that feel sincere enough to express my gratitude.

Thank you for loving me. I hope you feel how much I love you.
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Chrissy said...

I'm glad you got a night off, you really deserve it! And Meghan is amazing, of course you already know that. :)

Alex said...
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Megs said...

You're children were so fun tonight, and it was the least I could do...I'd never survive three weeks by myself without breaks!

I'm flattered that you think I'm always serving, mostly I feel that my work takes up my time so that I can't serve like I'd want to.

I think you underestimate yourself on how selfless and full of service you are, I feel daily how much you love me.

April Weeks said...

It warms a mother's heart to hear her children love each other so much!